Not just bread


At PaneNostro we make savoury, sweet and gluten-free products. We use only natural preservatives in our products, such as orange juice, which, in addition to providing vitamin C, is a natural antioxidant. We sweeten our products only with PANELA, consisting of sugar cane juice, which is its only ingredient and does not undergo any refining processes. It is an organic product of 100% natural origin. Both the Panela and the Cacao we use are FAIR TRADE, our small contribution to a more sustainable world.
People who are sensitive to gluten also have their space in PaneNostro. Some time ago, Peio decided to research and work on the production of bread and other healthy products made with gluten-free flours, without having to give up delicious taste.




Where we are

Plaza Nova de la Ferreria, 6 bajo
07002 – Palma de Mallorca

+34 971 298 111

Pza. de Patines Organic Market
(only Saturdays)