Into the flour


Mallorca offers a wide variety of excellent cereals, which is why all our products are mainly made with local flours from organic farming, i.e. crops that do not use chemicals or pesticides and that respect the natural cycle of the plant. We want to contribute to recovering the crops from the past in a sustainable way. The secret of quality bread or any other product that we make is based primarily on the quality of the raw material. At PaneNostro we only work with products of the highest quality. We use mostly local flours (except for buckwheat and teff, which are not grown on our land) and always organic and 100% wholemeal. We are concerned with the recovery of ancestral Mallorcan flours such as blat mollar, blat mort and blat barba among others. When we cannot use local ingredients such as panela or cocoa, we select fair trade products, both for their sustainability and for their high quality. Learn about the benefits and specific properties of each of the cereals so that you can taste them better when you try them:

Where we are

Plaza Nova de la Ferreria, 6 bajo
07002 – Palma de Mallorca

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Pza. de Patines Organic Market
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