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Long fermentation organic bread
as well as
gluten-free bread,
buckwheat, teff, rice…

At PaneNostro you will find the best organic bakery in the region and the largest selection of bread. All our products are handmade, artisan, with local and organic ingredients. Unlike industrial breads, which require as short a time as possible for their production to be profitable, the fermentation of organic breads is much longer, in this case using the natural yeasts contained in the grain itself, i.e. fermented sourdough. Therefore, PaneNostro organic bread is distinguished from industrial breads by its colour, which tends to be brownish, by being much more digestible and, of course, by being highly nutritious and healthy. It also has a thicker crust, which preserves the bread’s properties for much longer, and a tastier and fluffier crumb than industrial bread. This whole process gives organic bread an unequalled aroma and texture, which other types of bread do not achieve.
These organic breads are also a great source of magnesium, protein, glucides and with a better-quality gluten than traditional wheat, being very well tolerated by people sensitive to this element.

Where we are

Plaza Nova de la Ferreria, 6 bajo
07002 – Palma de Mallorca

+34 971 298 111

Pza. de Patines Organic Market
(only Saturdays)