Peio Zalba de Esteban is a vocational forner who appreciates and appreciates local produce, for the varietats of ancient cereals from Mallorca, and who is fully committed to healthy art.

From the seu forn Panenostro, establishment with ecological certification located in the neighborhood of sa Gerreria de Palma, he produces in sight of tothom pans with farines integrals and morenes de blat de xeixa, blat mort, blat barba and blat mollar, among other products. From all to the present and future of the profession, he will end the proper speech at the Masterclass organized by the IDI and the Associació de Forners i Pastissers to commemorate World Day of the Father.

What does it mean that the vostre forn has ecological certification?
It implies that 100% of the ingredients used to make the products must have this certification. Normally, there are molds forns that can use ecological farines but then they have the rest of ingredients that are not. In our house, the Balearic Council of Ecological Agrària Production certifies a number of cops a l’any that all of our products are ecological.

Have you noticed an increase in consumer interest for ecology?
He has noticed an increase in people who, even because of health or conscience, began to appreciate that a country remained ecological, but faces still more of a journey. We have to keep in mind that to Europe the ecological products accounted for 5% of the purchase, and to Spain, only 1%. Tot i això, the statistical data indicate that the ecological consumption increases any rere any.

He is a great defender of l’ús de cereals antics mallorquins. Who would highlight your benefits?
The xeixa is a blat that is cultivated in Mallorca since the Roman era, and it is assumed that it is totally related to the climate, the conditions and the characteristics of the Mallorcan land, and for there the ecological cultivar is more simple. Aquest tipus de blat is molt indicat for the people with al·lèrgies and tea un gust boníssim. Al forn also used blat beard, blat mort and blat mollar.

Why do you think that the blat mollar is the secret millor guardat of Mallorca?
Because it is an exceptional blat, sens dubte, and a patrimoni de l’illa that is not coneix. It is related to kamut, a cereal that has been highly valued in the world and one of the most ancient times. From fet, ja is cultivated to the age of the ancient Egyptian civilization. As a curiosity, I will say that the paraula kamut will say “cereal” in Egyptian language.
If they focus on the blat mollar, it is documented that in the 19th century the island was full of mollar, such as Arxiduc Lluís Salvador stands out in Die Balearen, and we know that in 1857 will win the medal d’or to the millor cereal d’Espanya to the agricultural fair of Madrid. At the moment, there are only three hectares planted d’aquest blat, which s’d recovered the darrers anys gracies at the tavern of an ecological farmer in Manacor. Precisely, I would be pleased to highlight the female professionals who do not use pesticides or chemical adjuvants, and who do it naturally.
The blat mollar makes a healthy molt farina and is the one that has the lowest gluten content. In addition, high molt betamylase enzyme tea that acts during the fermentation process of the country and is molt digestiu. Panenostro is the only forn that he makes daily for this blat.

Also utilitzau productes de comercialç just.
Effectively. When we cannot use local products because there is no such thing as a panela or cacau house, they just bought from S’Altra Senalla, who is an intermediary. It is a trade of products that, in order to guarantee an equitable commercial contract between producers and consumers, have a great quality.

How do you see the present and the future of the forner office?
I grew up living a moment of canvi, of transition. Hi there are young people who are still fent molt bé, but it is also true that our office is not attractive to the hourly films that we have. I would like to give a raise to the people who have an interest in the world of the country, and I will say that it is tracta d’a passionate world, both for learning and creation at a personal and professional level.

How do you rate your initiatives here?
Aquest tipus d’initiatives are necessary because you have to donate to conèixer both the office of providing the product that they make. In the last years, people have used to buy industrial products and grow that it is essential to promote the traditional way of making local produce, since it is a healthy food.